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2 November
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My name is Chrys Adreena and Im a designer from SoCalifas... Im horrible at talking about but nonetheless here goes my pathetic attempt usuing sentence fragments:
I'm studying fashion and I run a word of Mouth clothing Company called Morbid Candy with my partner in crime aka Marcia(na). I'm Mexican and White. I speak spanish, a fair bit of japanese, and obviously english. I'm a crazy cat person. Well kitty person, Cats suck. I love my iPod more than anything on this earth, but its running out of space so I'm muy muy sad T-T. I'm a fan of all things cute. I don't know what my style is, I never will. I space off a lot, having a conversation with me is difficult. I HATE TWILIGHT WITH MY ENTIRE BEING! MORMONS SHOULD BE BANNED FROM WRITTING VAMPIRE BOOKS! Anyways... I love nuuuurd conventions....and Star Wars, Darth Maul roooolz. Excentric old broads are awesoe, I can't wait to be one. Dir En Grey is the best band ever PERIOD. I have a bunch of piercings in my mouth, well 3 but I want 5 just because... I have my wrist pierced as well and my mouth. I love piercings luv luv luv.... Well enough of my rambling, toodles.
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