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Miyaviiii in San Diego!.... finally.
Yaaay. Miyavi is gonna be at House of Blues on thursday! Im soooper happy! Its about time that something from Japan comes to San Diego! Im so glad that its Miyavi though! Im still bummed that i didnt get to see Dir En Grey when they came a while back but Meeves more than makes up for it.

The weather in San Diego has been real shitty for the last 2 days... its hot but cloudy at the same damn time. i hope it gets nicer.

When my friends and i do see Miyavissss we are gonna be front and center... PASS THE LINE SONNNN! sooo V.I.P. lol.

Im still designing what im gonna wear... hrmmm... it will be all stunnnna when its done though! It gives me an excuse to make a sweater...


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It's kind of a good thing the gig is small I get to see him up close! Lucky I dodge his water spray. I'm just surprised in SD I got so much room moving around. I bet L.A. gig will be packed!!! I love his guitar, he's awesome. However, I think there's something missing, and I guess it's the bass guitar.

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