Miyaviiii in San Diego!.... finally.
Yaaay. Miyavi is gonna be at House of Blues on thursday! Im soooper happy! Its about time that something from Japan comes to San Diego! Im so glad that its Miyavi though! Im still bummed that i didnt get to see Dir En Grey when they came a while back but Meeves more than makes up for it.

The weather in San Diego has been real shitty for the last 2 days... its hot but cloudy at the same damn time. i hope it gets nicer.

When my friends and i do see Miyavissss we are gonna be front and center... PASS THE LINE SONNNN! sooo V.I.P. lol.

Im still designing what im gonna wear... hrmmm... it will be all stunnnna when its done though! It gives me an excuse to make a sweater...


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Pwa pwa pwa pwa.

im getting really bad eye strain.

anyways... SCHOOLS OUT 4 SUMMA!

im sooo happy! next semester im gonna be sooo busy i might have to resort to drugs to keep me going. lyiiiing... anywho im gonna be workin on my runway collection, my personal collection, photoshoots, and a collabo with my new temporary business partner for AX 2011! so on second thought drugs might not be sucha bad idea. lol.

yeah this year went from 0-60 in about a week!

Im sooo excited though. im gonna have 2 ignore all of my anxieties... uggghhh.

buh bye.

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best day ever

so today my neighbors that i wasnt even aware that i had across the street were selling stuff.

i was woken up by loud screams and it really pissed me off because i had gone 2 sleep @ 5 in the morning.

anyways so i went to my living room window looking 4 the source of the screams ready to start some drama but right b4 i was about 2 tell that trick 2 shut her face i noticed she had a sign that read... and im not making this up... FREE LAP DANCE WITH PERCHASE. lol. not only was the sign hillarious but purchase was spelled wrong.

yup... and as aggrivated as i was i let it go. not only bc it was soooper gnar but bc the chick outweighed me by a significant margin...

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My stolen pictures >.
A few of my pictures were lifted by some 16 year old kid. She's an idiot because she accused me of being fake. uuuuuuugh. The nerve of some ppl I swear. Anyways I'm never on here but I am on facebook.

Oh that same girl created a fake facebook profile using my name and pictures as well as a myspace.

I dont have a myspace... I HATE myspace.... I hate it with my life... scene kids ruin everything.

I have a facebook, although there are 2 its pretty damn obvious which is mine.

Im not usually this pissy but she really put me in a horrible mood, I feel bad for anyone else that pisses me off today lol.

Got a Problem? Come to the States and say it to my face!!!!!

My subject has nothing to do with what I'm writting, it sounded funny so I wrote it...... I know I'm lame, SHUT UP!

Anyways I just realized that I went for like 40 solid seconds of not blinking and I was being stared at...... Yuppppp, this shit hapens to me all of the time.

I went to COM COM in Tijuana, its an anime convention, it was fun. It was in a small room and I'm really uncomfortable being surrounded by mobs of people but it was still cool. I wore Angelic Pretty (of all things) with a punk theme because thats how i dooooooo!

Yeah so, ummmmm... pikchaaaas.

And yesssss the hats were soooo necessary.



Kitty knick-knacks, one of those people.....

I am ashamed to adimit that I have purchased a dreaded knick-knack. Its a kitty, its puffy, and its white.... It sticks out like a sore thumb in my death chamber of a room, but it makes me sick with joy every time I look at it. Gaaaaawd, Its cute...


Yupppp, In all of its cutely sick kitty glory.

..::*::..Last Halloween..::*::..

Last Halloween sucked super hardcore.
We went to Club Sabat, and I was stoked because I wasn't 21 yet (My B day is Nov. 2nd) and the scrawny unintimidating "bouncer" let me innnnn! 
Anyways Biiiiiiig Mistake!
It was so lame, I should have plugged my iPod into the speaker system because the music was awfuuul!
On top of shit there was this obese dominatrix "dancing" next no me and Dominatrix Sweat+Leather smells like death, putrifying death I SAY!
I should have Trick Or Treated, I know I'm too "old" but I should have lied and said it was for Childrens Hospital or something of that nature, gaaaaawd. I know that sounds awful but come on ITS CANDY PEOPLE!


The best part of the night was leaving and making a early morning run to 7-11. Doritos and nacho cheese can turn the most frowny frown upside down.

We made Jack O Lanterns though which was sadly the funnest thing that happened. I made a Domo Pumpkin!

Heh heh.....
This is Halloween Halloween Halloween Halloween....

This year will be better (I tell myself that every year)

Ladies and Germs... The San Diego Zoo, In all of its animal-y glory

Marciana and I went to the Zoo just for the hell of it and I can honsetly say that I don't want to ever go back again. The part of the zoo where all of the gigantor animals are smells like a third world country and I nearly threw up the Dibbs that I ate. I had fun on the Skyfari, which is exactly what it sounds like. We were in a cart behind some old people who we obviously made very uncomfortable. I can't stand people over the age of 80 so I really didn't care. Anyways the highlight of our trip was a MINI HORSE!!!! It's like a regular horse only fun size, it made my day! 

Pictured Myaaaa 

uuuuuuaaaaah! I would have stolen one fair and square but they were not mini enough to fit in my bag...

Me and Chia in the Skyfari, I missed my face completely >_<

Well, thats what happened


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