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..::*::..Last Halloween..::*::..

Last Halloween sucked super hardcore.
We went to Club Sabat, and I was stoked because I wasn't 21 yet (My B day is Nov. 2nd) and the scrawny unintimidating "bouncer" let me innnnn! 
Anyways Biiiiiiig Mistake!
It was so lame, I should have plugged my iPod into the speaker system because the music was awfuuul!
On top of shit there was this obese dominatrix "dancing" next no me and Dominatrix Sweat+Leather smells like death, putrifying death I SAY!
I should have Trick Or Treated, I know I'm too "old" but I should have lied and said it was for Childrens Hospital or something of that nature, gaaaaawd. I know that sounds awful but come on ITS CANDY PEOPLE!


The best part of the night was leaving and making a early morning run to 7-11. Doritos and nacho cheese can turn the most frowny frown upside down.

We made Jack O Lanterns though which was sadly the funnest thing that happened. I made a Domo Pumpkin!

Heh heh.....
This is Halloween Halloween Halloween Halloween....

This year will be better (I tell myself that every year)


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