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Ladies and Germs... The San Diego Zoo, In all of its animal-y glory

Marciana and I went to the Zoo just for the hell of it and I can honsetly say that I don't want to ever go back again. The part of the zoo where all of the gigantor animals are smells like a third world country and I nearly threw up the Dibbs that I ate. I had fun on the Skyfari, which is exactly what it sounds like. We were in a cart behind some old people who we obviously made very uncomfortable. I can't stand people over the age of 80 so I really didn't care. Anyways the highlight of our trip was a MINI HORSE!!!! It's like a regular horse only fun size, it made my day! 

Pictured Myaaaa 

uuuuuuaaaaah! I would have stolen one fair and square but they were not mini enough to fit in my bag...

Me and Chia in the Skyfari, I missed my face completely >_<

Well, thats what happened


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