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My stolen pictures >.
A few of my pictures were lifted by some 16 year old kid. She's an idiot because she accused me of being fake. uuuuuuugh. The nerve of some ppl I swear. Anyways I'm never on here but I am on facebook.

Oh that same girl created a fake facebook profile using my name and pictures as well as a myspace.

I dont have a myspace... I HATE myspace.... I hate it with my life... scene kids ruin everything.

I have a facebook, although there are 2 its pretty damn obvious which is mine.

Im not usually this pissy but she really put me in a horrible mood, I feel bad for anyone else that pisses me off today lol.

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beat that buffy down xD did you report her atleast?

Nope. Not yet. To be honest I don't care if she steals my pictures and pretends to be me or whatever... Its just that she's using my stuff to try to pick up on guys... emo guys. BLEH! Thats whats pissing me off. I will eventually report her.

and yes if given the opportunity I would "beat that buffy down" lol.

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