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Got a Problem? Come to the States and say it to my face!!!!!

My subject has nothing to do with what I'm writting, it sounded funny so I wrote it...... I know I'm lame, SHUT UP!

Anyways I just realized that I went for like 40 solid seconds of not blinking and I was being stared at...... Yuppppp, this shit hapens to me all of the time.

I went to COM COM in Tijuana, its an anime convention, it was fun. It was in a small room and I'm really uncomfortable being surrounded by mobs of people but it was still cool. I wore Angelic Pretty (of all things) with a punk theme because thats how i dooooooo!

Yeah so, ummmmm... pikchaaaas.

And yesssss the hats were soooo necessary.



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pasando...aquí de metiche a saludar ^^u.

Tú y tu amiga se veían muy cutes *-* en Comcom. Espero que vengan a TJ mas seguido =D.

Все прикольно сделано!

Хорошо! Все бы так писали :) Журнал Ваш почему-то недостаточно оптимизированный и плохопосещаем. Попробуйте продвинуть Ваш ЖЖ с помощью программы XRumer 7 Elite (ХРумер 7 Элите) загрузить можно тут слышал мощная программа для раскрутки ЖЖ журналов.

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